Jarada - No Co-Existence With... Jarada 12"
  • Jarada - No Co-Existence With... Jarada 12"

Jarada - No Co-Existence With... Jarada 12"

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PMS 008 is finally here... If you listen to this record, you can feel the anger and desperation of a whole generation from the streets of Israel for the current political depression in this country, ruled by ultra-conservative fanatics. Rough and snotty hardcore punk that also can described as fast hardcore with a big PUNK in it. Ten tracks on one-sided 12". If you were around in the 2000's, you may have noticed bands like Chainbreaker or Sniffing Glue and if you liked that kind of music, this one's for you.
Co-Operation with Flyktsoda, Crapoulet and Tranzophobia.


Israeli punks Jarada (also written as חרדה) have a lot to be angry about, and not just the latest round of protests from Netanyahu's judicial reforms. It's a good thing there's always something to be angry about and advocating against, because Jarada puts it into music with the best of them.
Their new LP, No Co-Existence withJarada, is out now via digital download and on one-sided 12″ vinyl via multiple labels. It is fast. It is hard. It is lovely.
(Review on https://thatsgoodenoughforme.com/)

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